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You will find below some of the terms and conditions of use relating to AFS International Srl products and the products sold on this website in general. Generally, the text explains the rules governing the relationships between the company (us, our(s)) and the buyer (you, your(s)) contained in the (the website/portal) website usage rules. Therefore, these conditions should be considered applicable to each item purchased on the website; every purchase made through this channel means implicit acceptance of the conditions of use listed below and the privacy protection rules. The payment of any goods, unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase, and the execution of any transactions through the portal, are considered valid for the purpose of these rules.

Products and orders

·         All products sold through the website are subject to availability.

·         All orders of any size are subject to acceptance by the company; such acceptance may be denied at the company’s sole discretion, without giving reasons.

·         The quality and quantities of the items, their technical description, dimensions, sizes and other information supplied with the product are true and controlled, but it is good to keep in mind that - due to the nature of digital images - colours and materials may appear slightly different from the original on the website.

·         Bikiniworld reserves the right to modify or delete any information at any time and without explanation.

·         Transactions may only be carried out via the portal users who are legally adults under the laws of the country of origin. By registering on the portal, the user declares that he/she is an adult and accepts the following conditions of use, as well as accepting liability for any information provided upon registration and subsequently with every purchase.


·         Should one or more products not be available immediately (out-of-stock) we reserve the right to cancel or delay shipment to replace the missing items or to carry out a shipment of the items in stock, as agreed with the customer.

·         AFS International Srl guarantees the utmost professionalism in every purchasing phase; having said that, the timing of delivery may vary depending on the destination. The company disclaims any liability for delays not attributable to it or problems related to the customs legislation of the country where the goods have to be delivered to. If you wish to calculate the average delivery times for your country, check out the shipment table.

·         In case of problems related to the purchase or sending of products, you can contact our customer service department within 14 days of receipt.



·         Payment for purchases on the website must be made in a manner and time agreed with the company at the time of confirmation. Bikiniworld reserves the right to cancel and/or refund orders placed by a customer as it deems necessary and without giving reasons.

·         The customer is free to choose between the payment methods provided by the company at the time of check-out.

·         The company reserves the right to report any misuse of electronic payment methods or other illegal or suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. These activities will be reported to the relevant international trade authorities, as well as local government authorities.


Warranties and liability

·         We accept no liability for the content of any websites that lead directly or indirectly to our website or other company portals.

·         All products sold on the website comply with European standards. Therefore, all products sold are accompanied by a European warranty, in accordance with the rules stated therein.

·         The company will do everything in its power to keep the website updated , but it may happen that , for technical reasons , the website is temporarily unavailable from time to time, or not optimised for use through certain specific browsers . We cannot guarantee the absolute absence of technical or editorial errors of content; any malfunctioning of the website shall not make us liable or be attributed to us.

·         AFS International Srl shall not accept liability for any loss or deletion of personal data contained on the website, whatever the cause.

·         In order to request a refund, products must be returned with their original label and in excellent condition. If you receive goods that are not those ordered we will refund and/or replace them totally at our cost. Any errors of this kind must, however, be promptly reported to our customer service department before you can request any kind of intervention.

·         In order to support you at all times, we have created a customer service department which deals with complaints or problems. This service will be available at the times and in the manner we specify. For problems or complaints you need to file a complaint in detail so that you may be provided with all necessary assistance. Should you wish to send us a complaint or grievance please fill out the form.

·         Certain products (usually in relation to special offers) may be non-refundable, and this possibility shall be duly reported in the product data sheet.

·         AFS International Srl shall make all of its technology available to you to make every transaction secure.



·         All goods sold outside Italy may be subject to local taxes or other customs rules. AFS International Srl shall not bear any customs duties applied by the receiving country. For any information on the possible existence of obstacles of this kind, you should contact the customs authorities of the receiving country.

·         All products are accompanied by a regular invoice. Electronic copies of invoices shall be sent upon request in advance at the time of payment.

·         Some products in our catalogue may not be available in specific countries due to local restrictions. Bikiniworld reserves the right to refuse purchases of any products without any explanation.


Right of withdrawal in reference to Legislative Decree 206 of 2005


·         You may cancel your order before shipment but only in accordance with AFS International Srl and after notifying us in writing. For details on how to do this please contact our customer service department.

· provides the option to unsubscribe at any time from the website and/or edit your personal information without specifying a reason for doing so.

·         You have the right to exercise this right within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods.


Customer service

·         Our mission is to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases and come back to us whenever they can. This is why we have a customer service department which you can contact for any clarification, assistance or complaints.

·         If serious problems occur, please contact AFS International Srl before contacting the relevant authorities so that we can start the conciliation paperwork.


Additional information

·         AFS International Srl shall not use your personal data for purposes other than those described on the website. Data provided to the company shall be stored on a computer and automatically added to our mailing and customer lists. If you wish to change your privacy details, please do so via your personal area.

·         Should any part of this agreement’s terms and services (TOS) be considered illegal by any local court of law, the remainder shall remain in force.

·         The company may not be held liable for any problems related to circumstances not under its control.

·         These Terms and Conditions of Use (TOS) are governed by Italian law. Any dispute that may not be regulated in any other manner shall be managed by the relevant local authorities.


Privacy Policy

AFS International Srl VAT number 04200561217


In compliance with current regulations and with particular reference to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 (Privacy Act), AFS International Srl informs you that the data provided by you when using the website may be subject to secondary processing in relation to the provisions of the aforementioned law.

In accordance with Article 4(1) (A) of the Privacy code, processing shall mean: 

"Any activity or set of activities, carried out with or without the use of electronic or automated means, concerning the collection, recording, organisation, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, erasure or destruction of data”. Data means all information of a personal or corporate nature collected while browsing the website.


Data Processing Controller

The data processing controller is AFS International Srl, represented by the company’s legal representative, who undertakes to ensure the protection of your privacy. Your information shall be used exclusively for the required transactions and in relation to any trade-related and legally required national and international reporting obligations.


Purpose of processing

The data collected, processed lawfully and fairly, shall be used by AFS International Srl, with your consent, solely and exclusively for the purposes described below:


·         to provide the services presented on the website and sending purchased goods and/or promotional material related to AFS International Srl;

·         to provide information to any recipient company and/or other companies belonging to the same Group with which AFS International Srl has entered into/shall enter into trade agreements;

·         for activities regarding data verification, including cross-checking, continuous and reciprocal sharing and updating of data with external databases, and/or those companies which are business partners of AFS International Srl and which the latter uses to integrate the assessment of customers or credit required for purchases;

·         to verify the level of customer satisfaction;

·         for commercial communications, the supply of products or services, sending of advertising material, carrying out market research by AFS International Srl or other companies belonging to the same Group, via letters, telephone, e-mail, and other means;

·         to perform general legal obligations.


We would like to inform you that you are free to consent or refuse the processing of your personal data for the above-mentioned purposes. However, it is our duty to inform you that refusal shall not allow AFS International Srl to provide the service requested, pursuant to Article 7(4) of the Privacy Code, in the event of your opposition "to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communications". We would like to remind you that your data will in no case be transferred to third parties outside of commercial transactions entered into with AFS International Srl. Also, we would like to remind you that registration on our website is evidence of the acceptance of these rules and our Terms of Service. AFS International Srl would like to remind you that customers are responsible for the accuracy of the data they communicate.


Categories of parties to whom the data may be disclosed.

The data you provide may be disclosed, pursuant to the above-mentioned purposes, to the following:


·         Companies that provide advertising, postal or communication services with which AFS International Srl has entered/shall enter into commercial agreements for the execution of instructions received from you, or for the provision of services you request;

·         data evaluation companies;

·         services companies for the acquisition, recording and processing of data originating from documents and media provided by or originating from customers, and regarding massive processing related to payments or shipments;

·         companies involved in the transmission, preparation, sending or delivery of communications to customers;

·         companies that perform services for archiving documentation on customer relationships;

·         companies that manage payment services, credit cards, etc.;

·         companies involved in conducting surveys: the quality of the services provided, customer satisfaction, new product offers, etc.;


The processing methods related to AFS International Srl data involve the use of suitable tools to ensure the absolute security and confidentiality of the personal data you provide. Data processing may be performed via manual, computerised or telematic instruments designed to memorise, manage or transmit data. We would like to remind you that our website is protected by adequate security systems to block access to confidential information by outsiders.


Rights of the party concerned


AFS International Srl, in full compliance with the provisions of Article 7 and 8 of the Privacy Code, hereby informs you that you have the right:


·         to know the existence of your personal data, which must be made available to you in an intelligible format;

·         to know the source of data that concerns you;

·         to know the processing purposes and methods;

·         to know the logic applied in case of processing with electronic instruments;

·         to know the details of the data processor and data controller;

·         to know the parties or categories of parties to whom the personal data may be disclosed;

·         updating, rectification or integration of your personal data;

·         deletion, transformation into an anonymous format or blocking of your data, where processing has not been properly authorised;

·         to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of data, even if it is pertinent to the purpose of collecting it;

·         to object to the processing of the data provided for the purpose of sending advertising materials or sending commercial information.


To exercise your rights under Article 7 of the Privacy Code as summarised above, the customer may contact AFS International Srl in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of the Code, and preferably by registered letter with proof of acknowledgement, at the following address:




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