1. I forgot my password, how do I resolve this?

Click on the link "Forgot your password", and you will receive an e-mail with the information necessary to reset a new password.

2. I forgot my username, what can I do?

Send a request by e-mail, and you will receive the data at the e-mail address you entered when registering.

3. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, with the courier FEDEX or by PRIORITY MAIL

4. How can I pay?

In the "Payment Options" section you can choose the most suitable method for you from among the various options.

5. How long does it take to receive my order and how much will the delivery cost me?

Time and costs are related to distance and the carriers used. Visit the link "Shipment times and costs"

6.How may I trace my order?

Visit the "My Orders" section of the “Personal-Area” and enter the shipment/tracking number received by e-mail at the time of purchase.


7. I wish to return product, what is the procedure?

You have 15 days to return a product you have purchased, without specifying a reason. Please refer to the details in the "Returns and Refunds” section in the Support area.

8. How do I choose the right size?

You can read the instructions included in the "Size Guidearea.


9. Do you have any instructions or recommendations to make to look after the garments?  

Yes, we list below our indications on how to look after garments in order to ensure they are kept in good condition and last:

  • Follow the washing instructions on the labels.

  • Always use cold or lukewarm water, both for hand or machine washing, and do not spin the garments.

  • Dry your clothes outdoors, avoiding artificial dryers.

  • After wearing the swimsuit during training or a competitive race, be sure to remove it immediately and rinse in cold fresh water.


10. I would like to receive your newsletter, what do I have to do?

In order to subscribe to our newsletter and receive all the exclusive Bikiniworld promotions via e-mail click here and enter your e-mail address.

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